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ABOVE: The muscles of the upper face include the following:

  • Frontalis - pulls the eyebrows up and is the basis of AUs 1 and 2 in FACS
  • Procerus or Pyramidalis - pulls the glabella down and is part of the basis of AU 4 in FACS
  • Orbicularis oculi - squints the eyes, and consists of two major parts (see below): an outer part, the basis for AU 6 in FACS; the inner part, mostly on the eyelids is the basis for AU 7 in FACS
  • Zygomatic - retracts and pulls the lip corners upwards
  • Nasalis (transverse or compressor part) - compresses the nostrils
  • Quadratus labii superioris - a muscle in the medial cheek and nose are that has multiple strands, including:
  • Levator labii superioris alaque nasi or Caput angulare - wrinkles the nose and is the basis for AU 9 in FACS
  • Levator labii superioris or Caput infraobitalis - pulls the upper lip upwards and is the basis of AU 10 in FACS
  • Caput zygomatic - more lateral strand often not separately distinguished

Other labeled features:

  • Galea aponeurotica - tough tissue on the top of the skull
  • Sulcus nasolabialis - nasolabial furrow that runs from the nasal wing to the corner of the mouth
Muscles of the right eyelid
Muscles of the right eyelid looking from inside the eye

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