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FACS Final Test (FFT) Overview

NOTICE: The FFT CD is no longer available via this website due to a major disruption of service here after the end of this year (2014). All test answers should be submitted by the end of this year.

The FACS Final Test is an important milestone in the training of a FACS coder. Documentation for obtaining and administering the test is available through links at the end of this page. Every new coder is encouraged to take the Final Test after finishing the training prescribed in the FACS Manual and diligently scoring and reviewing all the practice items. Please note that the behaviors in these records are more difficult to score than the FACS practice items and provide a realistic measure of progress in learning to score with FACS. Do not expect to pass this test after any cursory reading of the FACS Manual. To pass the test, you must have mastery of the FACS Action Units and understand each and every example and practice item and why it is scored as indicated in the FACS Manual. A good training group as recommended in the FACS Investigator's Guide is condusive to passing the test. Trainees who have consistently produced an agreement index below .75 on the FACS practice items probably are not proficient enough to pass the Final Test. Because of confidentiality issues regarding human subjects material, the test video can only be used for the purpose of taking the FACS Final Test. You cannot, for example, show it in any presentation or use it for research purposes.

This test provides the trainee with an opportunity to evaluate reliability in using the Facial Action Codingy System against expert scoring with material collected from actual interactions. The scores on this test afford a comparison to the skill level of other coders who have taken the test. It is an essential indication that the new FACS coder is scoring behavior the same way as others who use FACS. Every person who intends to score research materials should take the Final Test. An an in-house program for establishing reliability among coders is good research practice, but not a substitute for the Final Test, as it is possible to be reliable but not accurate, and the test provides a standard of FACS compliance. Additional information about the FACS Final Test can be found in Chapter 13 of the FACS Investigator's Guide, however, the description of procedures for obtaining and taking the test are replaced by the information on this Web site. If you have learned FACS from the CD ROM, read the documents at the links below and return the agreement form to the address indicated. If you learned FACS using the old paper version, contact Paul Ekman's Human Interaction Lab for instructions about procedures. Please be aware that Paul Ekman may have terminated support for the old version and its procedures.

There are other changes to the FACS Final Test in addition to the procedures. The test has been re-scored by an experienced team of FACS scorers at the University of Innsbrucke under direction of Eva Baenninger-Huber. The test film has been digitized and is available on CD ROM. Answers to the test must be entered into FACS Score Checker and sent to Joe Hager via email. See the documents below for further details.

A Human Face would like to send the FACS Final Test to leaders of training groups or managers of training programs, rather than each individual trainee. See the pages linked at the end of this page for the form you need to return to obtain the test. If you are not part of a group, request the test as an individual. You can obtain the test by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • You purchased FACS on CD ROM. In this case, if you mention in your request your invoice number from A Human Face (or Network Information Research Corp.) your request can be processed faster. If you purchased FACS from another source, indicate the red serial number on the CD.
  • You are listed in your institution's directory as a faculty member, research manager, or corporate manager, and are testing your trainees.
  • You have obtained FACS on CD ROM from some other source, such as your library or an instructor. In this case, indicate the source.
If you do not fit one of the categories above, indicate your circumstances in your request. Complete the Agreement Form and return it via postal mail to obtain the test.

The FACS Final Test CD is distributed free of charge. There is a fee of $20 for each person who takes the test and submits scores for evaluation. Each person can take the test as many times as needed to pass it for this one-time fee. This fee defrays the costs of administering this test, e.g., of keeping the paperwork, writing the scoring software, returning the scores. Payments for taking the test can be made on the A Human Face eStore or by check or money order sent via postal mail.

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Documentation for Testing Procedure, Obtaining and Administering the Test

Road Map of the FACS Final Test Procedures - Overview of procedure for obtaining and using the test
Agreement Form for Using Human Subjects
- Return a completed printout of this page to obtain the test
Instructions for taking the Final Test - Details on test administration (also included on the CD ROM)
What to do if you fail the test - Details on the follow-up needed to improve, includes performance statistics

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