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The new (2002) Facial Action Coding System (FACS) by Paul Ekman, Wallace V. Friesen, and Joseph C. Hager is an essential acquisition for anyone who uses FACS or wants to learn facial measurement. The new FACS Manual is a more efficient way to learn and use FACS than the original, and allows more accurate representations of facial behaviors. The digital images and videos are clearer, easier to use, and longer lasting. The Investigator's Guide has been updated and expanded. A new program for score checking and entry is included. You can buy FACS by clicking on the Buy Now button. Buy Facial Action Coding System

The new (2002) FACS Manual features:

  • CD ROM online media, providing an eBook presentation in PDF format,
  • digital versions of the original reference example and practice photos,
  • digital video of the original example and practice films in MPEG and QuickTime®,
  • dozens of new digital video examples of actions,
  • links from the text to the multimedia items,
  • complete integration of various FACS updates and changes,
  • elimination of the Co-occurance Rules and Minimum Requirements,
  • new sections on Event Scoring and Asymmetry Scoring,
  • intensity scoring guidelines for virtually all AUs,
  • re-assignment of the old 41, 42, and 44 scores to intensities of AU 43,
  • revised scoring for AUs 25, 26, and 27 with intensities,
  • comprehensive subject index,
  • new scores and commentaries for practice images and videos,
  • master Subtle Differences and Alternative AUs tables,
  • revised Score Sheet.

What you get when you buy FACS:

  • One CD ROM containing the FACS Manual in eBook format with text, images, and video, and also containing:
  • the Investigator's Guide, in eBook format, expanded with new chapters,  and
  • the FACS Score Checker program for checking practice scoring.
  • A license to print one hardcopy of each book (additional licenses may be purchased),
  • Some of the latest versions of the software required to view the books and run the Score Checker,
  • Access to the coming FACS section of this Web site where additional FACS materials can be downloaded.

Please note that FACS is sold on a license basis, similar to other software and creative works. See the License page for a copy of this license. Also, as in other software purchases, we allow returns only for unreadable or damaged disks, and only for exchange.

Computer System Considerations

The Manual and Investigator's Guide are designed for use with Adobe® Acrobat Reader® or eBook Reader® or other PDF reader. To view the multimedia items, appropriate multimedia players must be installed. To run the FACS Score Checker program, an appropriate Java runtime must be installed. Various systems have different capacities to run this required software. For details on system considerations, consult the System Support page. 

To summarize these limitations, you will have no trouble with any features if you have a relatively recent computing system, except for Linux® systems where some tuning of file associations may be required and only multimedia viewers external to the PDF viewer are currently supported.

Preview the new FACS:

HTML versions of the Contents and the first two chapters from the FACS Manual are available online.The first five chapters from the Investigators Guide are also online for people who are considering FACS and want to know more. These two preview chapters give a good idea of what FACS is like. You must use a 4.x version Web browser or above and have an MPEG 1 viewer to see the videos online.

(Please note the following about the HTML versions online here: The demonstration HTML versions allow the reader to preview the content of Facial Action Coding System, but the CD ROM version is different and better in format, function, and quality of multimedia. The demonstrations contain much lower resolution images, and down-scaled 1/4 size videos that are only in MPEG 1 format in order to facilitate Web presentation. The text formatting and page layout differs from the CD ROM eBook version. The CD ROM version is in PDF, not HTML. Some functional aspects, such as link and multimedia viewing options, also differ. Some pages referenced in the demonstration versions are not available online here.)

Note: Adobe, Acrobat Reader, and eBook Reader are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc.; Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.; QuickTime is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.;

Ordering Information

The new CD ROM version of Facial Action Coding System ships within a business day of your order online. You can order by credit card or electronic funds transfer from the eStore by clicking on the "Buy FACS from eStore" link. For other payment options (e.g., cash and purchase orders by postal mail), please see the Terms page for terms and off-line ordering instructions. NOTICE: Credit cards issued by banks in certain countries may not be accepted by the eStore's payments intermediary; in this case, you can try a different card or pay by bank draft.

The price of FACS is US$260 plus a shipping/processing charge. Purchasers from non-US addresses will also pay their government any customs duties or taxes upon delivery.Buy FACS Manual

Please note that all sales are final and returns for refunds are not accepted, within the terms of the license agreement (please read). We have posted materials on this Web site that provide a solid basis for deciding whether to purchase FACS, so please examine this material prior to purchase.

Resellers who want to buy FACS can contact for pricing and terms.

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