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Facial Action Coding System Affect Interpretation Dictionary (FACSAID)

Facial Action Coding System Affect Interpretation Dictionary (FACSAID) is a project that links facial expressions with their psychological interpretations. FACSAID information is stored in a relational database, which models facial behaviors and the meanings of these expressions. The facial expressions in the FACSAID database are currently described only in terms of FACS scores, and the interpretations in the database concern mostly the affective (emotional) meanings of these behaviors, rather than other psychological concepts. The system is described as a dictionary because the user can look up meanings for a particular facial behavior, or look up the facial behaviors that imply a particular meaning or emotion, such as anger or happy. The database dictionary approach of FACSAID is different from that of a rule-based or expert system, where the interpretations are generated by some rigid formula that predicts a meaning for each facial expression, which human experts may never have considered beforehand. For more information about this difference and other details on the development of FACSAID, see the FACSAID Project History page.

FACSAID turns facial behaviors into facial expressionsThe FACSAID database contains FACS scores, each examined individually by experts who interpreted the meaning of the facial behavior represented by the score. This interpretation with the facial expression are stored in the database for later retrieval by researchers who want to know what a facial expression (coded as a FACS score) means. The FACSAID database contains several types of data: representations of facial expressions in terms of FACS, representations of meanings that can be attached to facial behaviors, and other facts about the behaviors, such as who attached meaning to a facial expression, how many times the behavior has been observed, pictorial representations of the behavior, etc. Although different meanings might be attached to the same facial behavior, only the one meaning agreed upon by experts in FACS for each facial behavior is currently in the database.

Requirements to use FACSAID: You can use the FACSAID Demonstration on this Web site to find interpretations of FACS scores one-at-a-time. This demonstration is free and requires no installation. There is no technical or scientific support for this client application. If a particular FACS score is not in the database, a new interpretation cannot be obtained through this client. If this facility meets your needs, you need nothing more. Happy browsing!

If your requirements are beyond the capacity of the demonstration client, such as batch processing files of FACS scores, interpretation of FACS scores that are not now in the database, or accessing other capabilities of the database as described above, then you should purchase the FACSAID service. Subscription charges for FACSAID defray costs of user support, maintenance of hardware and software, and further enhancements to FACSAID. Additional details on the FACSAID user service will be available shortly on the Service Information page. If you might be interested in purchasing the FACSAID service, fill out the Request for more information about using FACSAID. You will receive email about the details of the FACSAID service when they are completed. You incur no obligation by completing the application. Otherwise, check back here for details as they become available.

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