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Forehead & Eyebrows
Facial Features in the Forehead & Eyebrows Area
Eyebrow Curvature
Flat Eyebrows Curved Eyebrows Arched Eyebrows
Eyebrow Height
Low eyebrows Medium eyebrows High eyebrows
Miscellaneous Forehead and Eyebrow Signs
Horizontal wrinkles Single vertical dagger Widow's Peak hairline

Explanations of Facial Features in the Forehead Area

Eyebrow Curvature:
  • Flat eyebrows - eyebrow hairs form a relatively straight line
  • Curved eyebrows - eyebrow hairs have a rounded appearance
  • Arched eyebrows - eyebrow hair have a kink, or sharp angular break
Eyebrow Height:
  • Low eyebrows - eyebrows are very close to the eyes
  • Medium eyebrows - eyebrows are an average distance from the eyes
  • High eyebrows - eyebrows are distant from the eyes, higher on the forehead
Miscellaneous Forehead and Eyebrow Signs:
  • Horizontal wrinkles - permanently etched and prominent wrinkles running across the forehead
  • Single vertical dagger - one deep permanent vertical wrinkle in the glabella between the eyebrows
  • Widow's peak hairline - the hairline forms a sharp angle in the center of the forehead, forming a point or peak (an inverted peak)

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